Unsubscribe from techwebevents-sf spam

So, (oh, right. Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything on here) I've been getting repetitive mail from these assholes over at techwebevents-sf for...I dunno...years. I keep unsubscribing from the specific event and then they send me mail for a different event, and I can never recall whether that was the one I had unsubscribed from.

ANYways, I finally got off my ass and looked, and found a "universal opt-out": http://www.ubmtechnology.com/united-business-media-llc-privacy-notice/ It's about halfway down the page.

Here's hoping it works. And if it doesn't , you'll hear more about it, no doubt.*

Yes, my first post in over 6 months is me bitching about spam. Original.

Sorry, but most of my posting needs have been satisfied by Twitter/FaceBook. So, go follow me there. :)

*I'm still deciding whether I should write an article about the spamming assholes over at Michael T. Peterson.